Darkness: Mother of Light, Creator of The Sun


For thousands of years, God has been seen as Love and Light and all that is Good. And the Devil is seen as Darkness and Evil and all that is Bad.

Seeing God as Love and Light makes perfect sense. Love is the nonphysical force which manifests all things, and light is the physical force which too manifests all things.

But today, consciousness has shifted, and our beliefs are changing. I am no longer convinced that all darkness is evil. Yes, bad exists; but is it accurate to attach that label to all of darkness? Are we using darkness as a scapegoat for our problems?

Humans are now recognizing that light can cast a dark shadow, and good is hidden inside of darkness. It’s not so black and white anymore, but rather, infinite shades of gray. This must be what the yin yang has been telling us for thousands of years. Each polar aspect contains the spark of its opposite.

Demonizing darkness has led to prejudice and discrimination. Genocides have been committed and racial tensions have flourished. Entire cultures have been dis-empowered and at war with themselves. Demonizing darkness is an ideology which promotes ignorance in the minds of man. It justifies war in our hearts.

What if the truth of darkness is benevolent, peaceful and loving? What if demonizing darkness is the real culprit? What if the ideology is flawed and creating the very ‘evil’ which we fear. And what if darkness is the force which created the very light we worship?

We have entered a new age. Times are changing, and humans are experiencing a mass awakening. It’s time to end the war against light and dark. End the dogmatic attachments of good and evil which exist in both and should be attached to neither. Light and dark is a marriage and partnership; not an enemy or war. They both have the potential to destroy, and they both create all of infinity.

If we create our reality, then why not make a reality that exalts the highest truth of darkness, alongside the light. We can empower ALL humans on this planet to be at peace. This ideology brings balance back to the forces. It can create peace within the minds and hearts of All mankind.

We thank you Darkness, maker of light, creator of the sun, and acknowledge your benevolence. May you serve the highest truth of your existence. May the light shine the highest good of your purpose. May we all live in truth, peace and love.


Pine Needle Juice for Vitamin C & Sulfur


Pine needles are a magical medicine that happens to grow for FREE, EVERYWHERE, ALL YEAR LONG!  They one of nature’s highest sources of Vitamin C with approximately 300 times more Vitamin C then oranges!  Vitamin C is essential for boosting immunity and fighting infection and is great to protect yourself during the winter months.  Many of the Vitamin C supplements sold at the store are actually ascorbic acid (read the ingredient label to find out and see for yourself) which is SYNTHETIC vitamin C and can cause kidney stones with long term use.

Pine needles are also one of nature’s highest sources of Sulfur which is known as the BEAUTY mineral!  Nearly ALL humans are deficient in Sulfur.  Sulfur is ANTI-AGING and prevents wrinkles, repairs damaged skin, and regrows collagen!  In large amounts Sulfur can quickly reverse the aging process and give a youthful appearance.  Again, most stores will sell you SYNTHETIC sulfur such as MSM.  Yes, there are non-synthetic forms, but the most natural, safe and effective is found un-processed in nature, in its original form such as Pine Needles!  And guess what?  They are FREE!

I also protect my children during the winter months by infusing their baby milk with Pine Needle juice.  My 4 year old Rosalie, who recently started full-time at daycare, during the winter months, came home with an ear infection.  The pine needle juice killed the infection, and the pain was completely gone in less then 4 hours.  This is what I use instead of pharmaceutical drugs.  And it more then works 😉

I personally fasted on pine needle juice, living Free on wild herb juice for 3 weeks, and I have never felt so healthy and high in my life!  Consistent energy the entire time!  And damn, I felt so beautiful on the inside and out.

If you want to make pine needle juice, then I don’t recommend the juicer OR brewing it on the stove.  You don’t get as much out of it.  I recommend blending it with some water inside a high power blender and straining it through a nut milk bag.  To learn how, check out my video!  Enjoy 🙂

Grass Juice Supplement! Wheatgrass not required

Wheatgrass ShotMost people have heard of Wheatgrass shots, and even the Barley grass juice powder that is sold at health food stores.  They are a great supplement, and powerful cleansing medicine to add to your diet.  But purchasing these products can become very expensive.  However…

Did you know that ALL grass is juiceable?!   There is no need to buy expensive products.  And no need to mow and cut your lawn when you can pick your grass and juice it every morning!

I would not recommend eating grass because the fiber is so hard for the human body to digest.  But in juice form, grass is one of the most healing and nutrient dense food sources on the planet!

Grass is practically a complete food source containing nearly all the essential vitamins, minerals and protein that are necessary for life.  It contains phytonutrients that fight disease and cleanse and purify the body.  It is so powerful, that it can prevent and reverse aging!!

Greens (and especially grass) have more vitamins and minerals, ounce for ounce, then any other food source!  Want more calcium, iron, magnesium?  Eat your greens!!  Or better yet, juice your grass!  It is FREE and growing in abundance all around you!  Who knew that supplementation could be so easy and fun!  😉

WARNING!!  Only use grass that is free of harmful pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers, and animal feces.  Clean grass is a must!!

There is magic growing right underneath your nose right now!!   It is safe for children too!

Want to know how?  Check out this video!

Palm Sunday 

So my confession is this:

I partook in the ritual fasting of Lent this year. I accepted the sacrament on Ash Wednesday, and that was the last time I’ve eaten any food since Feb 19th.  Palm Sunday marks the beginning of my final week of fasting. 

I embarked on this ritual journey with the intention of Healing my body and mind. I have began this transformation to purify my spirit and wash away the transgressions of the past. I am Not a religious person. But I am Spiritual.  And I Believe with perfect Faith in this process. The attainment of my ideal is inevitable. 

So for the past 40 days, I have been Juice Fasting/ Feasting. I have stayed away from sweet fruits and the bulk of my juice is cucumber with celery & lemon. Recently I started incorporating some green apples with seeds.  I have also allowed coconut water because of its healing properties. 

I honor this Palm Sunday with a ritual twist of my own. With the celebration of The Palm Tree. This Tree of Life provides everything anyone could need for optimal life. Coconuts provide water, meat & milk, the Dates provide all our minerals, nutrients & carbohydrates, and The Tree itself can be used as lumber to make homes. A gift of pure love from the earth. 

We are Blessed & Grateful for the food we are about to receive from the Mother of Palm, herself.  Here’s to you, Palm Sunday!

Palm Tree Sunday Cocktail:


Coconut Water


1 Tbsp Coconut Meat

1-2 Tbsp Hemp Seeds

1 Celery stick for more electrolytes

1 tsp Irish Moss seaweed powder

Spring Water

Blend in high for about 2 minutes. Make sure the Dates are pitted first!  Use less coconut meat and more hemp seeds if you want lower fat.  Strain mixture through a nut milk bag! This is a healthy, creamy, milky sweet delight from God!  

Happy Palm Sunday!  


Wild Edibles


Today is a lovely spring day. After a cold winter and rain showers, the flowers are in bloom. Spring is a great time for Spring Cleaning!  Many think of cleaning their house, but for me it’s a cleansing of my body and mind.  

I have been doing a juice fast and today I honor the Wild Edibles that are in my front yard. I will be adding this to my regular cucumber juice. Red Buds from a Prickle Pear Cactus are filled with antioxidants and carotenes. Dandelions are very purifying for the liver and bloodstream, also very nutritious.  This will make the perfect addition to my cocktail!  

I believe it’s important to eat the edibles growing in your yard because that is where your energy is!  These plants are attuned to the dominat frequency in its Auric field. Then the herbs grow in alignment with the vibrational needs and give balance to the environment. 

Many people think that these plants are annoying weeds. But they are actually the most powerful, safe and effective medicines known!  This is God’s prescription made by nature. 

I am blessed to be a part of this new earth movement. This earth has given me everything I could ever ask for and more. I honor the gifts that she provides.  Cheers to health and wellness! Here’s to you, Mother Earth!


Raw Vegan Infant Milk Recipe Book

This revolutionary recipe book contains dozens of Raw Vegan Milks that are Nutritionally Complete! Perfect for the life of a thriving infant! No formula or cow milk! This book outlines the information about which foods address all our infant’s nutritional needs; proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins & minerals; and exactly how to incorporate this valuable information into your baby’s life. For whatever reason you choose this path; health, environment, cruelty-free, or simply just to incorporate more healthy habits into your life and the life of your children; this book is an absolute MUST HAVE! This is your guide to raising children so healthy that they develop properly, never get sick and are cognitively brilliant and HAPPY! Cheers to health and the next revolutionary generation of superhuman babies!

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Baby Breakfast

It is the simple pleasures in life that are the best. Just watching the pure enjoyment of my children eating such a delicious, natural & nutritious breakfast, is one of my greatest pleasures. Seeing the looks of pure Happiness.  Watching them grow strong & healthy. They are so smart and emotionally intelligent. I love them so.

We have a healthy & bright future ahead of us.  Filled with all the Love, Happiness & Joy we could ever dream of.  I am blessed to be sharing it with you.  Thank you for all the abundance you have given me, so that I may return it to you.

Simple Breakfast of tangerines, berries & green smoothie, made of bananas, Hemp Seeds & Chlorella.
This breakfast contains ALL the vitamins, minerals, proteins & essential fatty acids.

Health, Wealth & Joy

Love & Light