The Raw Vegan Infant Milk Recipe Book
Your Guide to Nutritionally Complete Milks for Infants & Children!


This revolutionary recipe book contains dozens of Raw Vegan Milks that are Nutritionally Complete! Perfect for the life of a thriving infant! No formula or cow milk! And no processed vegan junk either. Just natural Earth solutions! This book outlines the information about which foods address all our infant’s nutritional needs; proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins & minerals; and exactly how to incorporate this valuable information into your baby’s life. For whatever reason you choose this path; health, environment, cruelty-free, or simply just to incorporate more healthy habits into your life and the life of your children; this book is an absolute MUST HAVE! This is your guide to raising children so healthy that they develop properly, never get sick and are cognitively brilliant and HAPPY! Cheers to health and the next generation of superhuman babies!

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  1. Hi Stephanie,

    I am so grateful to have come across your YouTube page! My husband and I are vegan and I was looking for a supplement for my 2mo old son. I am exclusively breastfeeding but am returning to work soon and just want to make sure he is getting enough. I am also pumping and plan to pump at least once during my 6hr shift at work. I do have a few questions if you are able to help.
    Can I feed my 2mo old son the coconut milk that’s shown on your YouTube video?
    How many times per day and how many ounces?
    Can I mix the raw coconut milk in a regular blender since I don’t have a vitamix? Some people use pure coconut milk provided in a can, is that ok to use?
    Can I heat up the coconut milk alone?
    Can I mix the coconut milk with my breast milk?
    Thank you so much and I support you throughout this healthy and rich lifestyle!


    • Also, coconut milk in a can is no good. It is highly processed with additives and the aluminum can also leech. Get Raw Coconut Butter in a glass jar from the health food store. They also have frozen coconut meat which is good but you wont have the water. Yes, a regular blender is okay at least for the coconut. But it wont blend the hemp seeds very well… If you want to use both kinds of fat. (The Hemp has Omega 3, and therefore EPA & DHA). I think it is good to use both fats, back and forth.

  2. Hi Stephanie! I am so grateful to have come across your site! I have a few questions if you can answer them! I am vegan and returning to work soon. I exclusively breastfeed but was looking for supplementation and don’t want to use soy formula..
    Can I use your raw coconut milk receipe for my 2 mo old son?
    How often per day can I give it to him? How many ounces?
    Can I heat up the coconut milk alone?
    Can I mix it with my breastmilk in a bottle?
    And will the coconut milk help my baby gain weight?

    Thanks so much!!

    • Hi! Yes! Absolutely you can give this to your 2 month old. Be sure to make the milk as nutrient dense as possible! Use the seaweed/algae supplements! (I have episodes about both those.)
      Give it to him anytime he starts to cry for milk. Just as you would breastfeed. About 4-6 ounces at a time. Maybe less, maybe more, he will let you know how much. And as he grows his appetite will change anyway so be flexible.
      Bottle transition can be difficult. But if its something that he will like, then it can also be easy.
      You can mix it with breastmilk. But be sure that both milks are fresh! Make the coconut milk fresh daily.
      You can heat the coconut milk. Be very gentle by heating it on the stove top. Maybe with a pot of Water, and slowly swirl the bottle of milk through the hot water. (Glass bottle is best for that)
      And the coconut milk can help your baby Keep the weight they already have if the weight is healthy, or gain weight if underweight. (Don’t let the doctors and nurses scare you about their weight!) But it definitly wont make them gain anymore weight then needed for health.
      If you want, you can add a Banana which is high in carbs! Makes milk sweet and thick! And makes the babies dense! and strong!
      Thanks for the motivation and good luck with the transition!! Blessings to you and your son 🙂 

  3. Hi , I’m breastfeeding my 14 months old baby .I think my breast milk is not sufficient for her. Her weight is also being reduced .she is not eating any other food also . She is allergic to cows milk and other milks like soy , almond , coconut , everything. We have tried her everything we could . She is not allergic to coconut water. Could u plz suggest me what to feed her and also what type of milk to give her . She is also allergic to hemp seeds also. I have tried one of your recipes with banana and hemp seeds. There I came to know that she is allergic to hemp seeds also. Please help my baby to gain the weight . I also wanted to discontinue my breast milk . Since it is not sufficient for her .

    • Also I have a few questions that 1)how many times in a day should I give the homemade vegan baby milk to an 14 months old baby . 2)can I add the vitamin D tablets in her baby milk smoothie. 3) Is is safe to add the spirulina ,chorella , Irish moss sea weed , and wheat grass powder in her baby milk since she is 14 months old . Thanks hope you reply soon .:)

  4. Hi. Just came across ur utube channel and seems pretty good :). I have 5months old baby girl, we started feeding her solid veggies in regards she was weighing less. Her pedi recommended we start solids but veggies solids. So we been doing that and sometimes whole foods baby organic foods. Just wondering if we should continue the whole foods baby organic foods or stick to homemade foods?. Thanks.

  5. Hi, I am looking for a vegan milk for my baby. I came across your channel and cannot help but aee it through the legal eyes I have been trained with. I appreciate that you give a disclaimer that any parent following your methods and recipes do so by their own choice. But… Why are you a credible source? Where do you get your information? Where do you get the facts to prove your statements said many times that it is “nutritonaly complete,” “Perfect for the life of a thriving infant!”… What are you basing your statements on? Where can I go to research this information myself. Are your resources clearly written in your book? Or do we just have to take your word for it? How do YOU know that the ammounts of nutritional elements contained in the foods these milks are made of are in the milks in the proper ammount for infant growth? (For example, you mention that ___ food contains ___ nutrients, but does it have enough?

    What you are selling seems to be beneficial and very good, but I do not think any parent is wise in feeding their child food that they didn’t personally research. Thank you!

    • No official or documented facts to prove anything. Unfortunately the science is not current about raw plant-based baby milk. Nutritional facts are available on all foods and supplements. And you can ask a doctor (or a plant-based nutritionist) for daily nutritional requirements for an infant. Opinions may vary. You may do your own research and use your own judgement. Otherwise sick with conventional milks like formula or dairy.

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