Spirit Life


“Whatever the mind can Conceive and Believe, it can Achieve.”
-Napoleon Hill

All of the universe is pure Energy. Everything in the physical is simply energy condensed to a slow vibration. Even the physical has been scientifically proven to be mostly empty space, with the atoms and molecules held together by a vast network of Energy.

According to Quantum Mechanics, when science attempts to view the elementary particles of energy, the particles behave differently simply by the act of observation, as if influenced by expectation, itself. The entire universe and everything within it, is composed of this same energy; including our planet and our physical bodies. Even the seemingly “empty space” is filled with this Energy that connects everything together. Everything is connected.

Our thoughts and emotions are simply “Energy in Motion”. Where we choose to direct this flow of Energy, is what we will create and manifest in our physical realities. We create our realities at will through our thoughts and emotions, attention and intention. Therefore, we can consciously choose to create the most loving, abundant, and happiest world our heart desires by virtue of our focus.

A universe that was once thought to be predictable, is now scientifically proven to be a conscious energetic organism that is influenced by thought and intention; consciousness, itself. We do not live in a mechanical universe, we live in an infinite universe where everything is possible. It is alive and conscious of itself. We are always creating with the Energy that we send out into the universe. We are alive; and it is time to consciously create our lives, the way we desire.
This is the next step, The New Age… Conscious Evolution

“It doesn’t matter what you believe, Its what you Believe that Matters.”



  1. Hi thank you for your YouTube video. My son has been drinking formula /breast since birth. We just found out that he has food allergies. This is when I decided to find a better alternative to soy formula and formula. He will be 10 months old in a few days. I made him the coconut and hemp milk.
    He seems to not enjoy either one. Can you help me. I don’t want to return to formula. And I want him to get a complete nutrition that he needs at his age. He eats food.

    • Hi there! It can be difficult to switch when their taste buds have already grown accustom to something else. Have you tried tasting the milk? Taste is a good indicator of what it needs, or does not need. Is it sweet enough? Or too sweet? Too thick? or too thin?
      Maybe you could mix it into their regular milk until they have transitioned the old milk out. Or experiment with the mixture to make it taste similar to what they are used to.
      Its not always easy but a clever and dedicated parent can make it happen 🙂

    • Not 100% raw. But very high raw. Around age 2, my first child began to desire some cooked foods, in addition to her regular raw vegan milk. The milk, and raw milkshake smoothies are still the bulk of their diet. But yes, they are allowed beans, rice, quinoa, potatoes, and other cooked foods as well. But most of the time, they just want only their ‘milkshake smoothies’

  2. Hello
    ive been looking for a vegan formula for ever.I have twins.One girl and one boy.Girl( Makayla ) is still in the hospital and im trying my best to breast feed both.I need an alternative because now they are growing and need more .I don’t want to give them cow milk formula .Thank you for posting this.They are 3 months and this sounds perfect.How can I get your book of raw milk formula’s?
    702)300-2800 if u want to text me the information.
    Thank you

  3. Hi Stephanie, mt daughter is 3 months old and seems to have an allergic reaction to coconut. She had horribke diarrhea after trying the coconut milk. She likes the hemp seed milk but it seems as if that doesnt keep weight on her. Do you have any suggestions as to what i can add to the hemp milk recipe to help her gain some fat. My doctors are worrying and constantly questioning me about her diet.

    • Hello! You can always add extra fat to the milk like Oil. Coconut oil, hemp, olive, flax oil. When the child is ready for solid food, you can add carbohydrates like banana and sweet potato to the milk. Doctors are doing their best, and they only have experience with breast, formula, or animal products. So I wouldn’t expect them to understand. If your concern is about what they think rather then a problem with your child, then you are probably doing good. And yes, plant diet will give the child a leaner build, but by no means should they be underweight.

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