Enjoy personalized custom support for total success on your health journey!
I currently offer 1 on 1 Consultations as well as Mentoring and Health Coaching

My name is Stephanie Meyer, I am happy to inspire and assist in your own personal health and well being that is your divine right! It is my honor to share my knowledge of natural healing and inspire you to Cure any illness for a Radiant Joyful Life! I am living proof that complete transformation is possible!

I am also blessed to share my expertise with success in raising infants and children on this lifestyle so that they grow without illness, into Strong, Happy and Healthy Divine Creators! I will Empower you as a parent to accept your God given Right & Privilege to invest in your children’s Wellbeing!

If you have become lost or sick in this life, it is good to know that there are others out there, that have been through the same pain and confusion. It’s also good to know, that THERE IS A WAY! Allow us to guide you, to your own Empowerment and Inspiration, so that you may discover your own True Power and achieve complete and total success in all your health goals.

Freedom, Health, Wealth & Happiness is your Birthright! It is my honor to provide you with the proper tools, knowledge and inspiration to help you align with your own abundance.

I offer my services via email, Skype, phone, Ichat or any combination thereof.

Email me at with your questions!  I’m here to help.  Send a donation if it was worth it 🙂
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I also accept checks, cash or other contributions. You may offer that which feels right in your heart!  Any moment, anytime!

Email me at for a Consultation and I look forward to sharing Empowerment and Inspiration with you!


  1. Hi Stephanie..
    Thank you for this very nice video, i am a health coach from Singapore.. can this 3 vegan milk be givven to a one week newborn baby ? if you have other advise about feeding a one week baby pls share with us..
    may the Lord bless you and your family

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