Grass Juice Supplement! Wheatgrass not required

Wheatgrass ShotMost people have heard of Wheatgrass shots, and even the Barley grass juice powder that is sold at health food stores.  They are a great supplement, and powerful cleansing medicine to add to your diet.  But purchasing these products can become very expensive.  However…

Did you know that ALL grass is juiceable?!   There is no need to buy expensive products.  And no need to mow and cut your lawn when you can pick your grass and juice it every morning!

I would not recommend eating grass because the fiber is so hard for the human body to digest.  But in juice form, grass is one of the most healing and nutrient dense food sources on the planet!

Grass is practically a complete food source containing nearly all the essential vitamins, minerals and protein that are necessary for life.  It contains phytonutrients that fight disease and cleanse and purify the body.  It is so powerful, that it can prevent and reverse aging!!

Greens (and especially grass) have more vitamins and minerals, ounce for ounce, then any other food source!  Want more calcium, iron, magnesium?  Eat your greens!!  Or better yet, juice your grass!  It is FREE and growing in abundance all around you!  Who knew that supplementation could be so easy and fun!  😉

WARNING!!  Only use grass that is free of harmful pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers, and animal feces.  Clean grass is a must!!

There is magic growing right underneath your nose right now!!   It is safe for children too!

Want to know how?  Check out this video!

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