Darkness: Mother of Light, Creator of The Sun


For thousands of years, God has been seen as Love and Light and all that is Good. And the Devil is seen as Darkness and Evil and all that is Bad.

Seeing God as Love and Light makes perfect sense. Love is the nonphysical force which manifests all things, and light is the physical force which too manifests all things.

But today, consciousness has shifted, and our beliefs are changing. I am no longer convinced that all darkness is evil. Yes, bad exists; but is it accurate to attach that label to all of darkness? Are we using darkness as a scapegoat for our problems?

Humans are now recognizing that light can cast a dark shadow, and good is hidden inside of darkness. It’s not so black and white anymore, but rather, infinite shades of gray. This must be what the yin yang has been telling us for thousands of years. Each polar aspect contains the spark of its opposite.

Demonizing darkness has led to prejudice and discrimination. Genocides have been committed and racial tensions have flourished. Entire cultures have been dis-empowered and at war with themselves. Demonizing darkness is an ideology which promotes ignorance in the minds of man. It justifies war in our hearts.

What if the truth of darkness is benevolent, peaceful and loving? What if demonizing darkness is the real culprit? What if the ideology is flawed and creating the very ‘evil’ which we fear. And what if darkness is the force which created the very light we worship?

We have entered a new age. Times are changing, and humans are experiencing a mass awakening. It’s time to end the war against light and dark. End the dogmatic attachments of good and evil which exist in both and should be attached to neither. Light and dark is a marriage and partnership; not an enemy or war. They both have the potential to destroy, and they both create all of infinity.

If we create our reality, then why not make a reality that exalts the highest truth of darkness, alongside the light. We can empower ALL humans on this planet to be at peace. This ideology brings balance back to the forces. It can create peace within the minds and hearts of All mankind.

We thank you Darkness, maker of light, creator of the sun, and acknowledge your benevolence. May you serve the highest truth of your existence. May the light shine the highest good of your purpose. May we all live in truth, peace and love.

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