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All my life I have been spiritually inclined. When I was a child, I would have dreams and visions of Utopian worlds and spirits that would tell me that I was meant for something greater then myself. I always believed and knew this to be true. But as I grew up, I became less and less aware of my purpose, and more and more disconnected from my true self.
I grew up in the suburbs of one of the largest cities in the United States, and by the time I was a teenager, I began to feel completely lost and like I had no purpose. I felt like all the magic and mystery that I knew as a child was completely gone, and lost to a concrete superficial world.
I watched cable television, attended a standardized school, ate a standard American diet, worked for corporate entities, and finally, in my early twenties, I received the biggest wake up call of my life. My body gave out on me. My health deteriorated seemingly overnight, and I manifested many diseases and illnesses. I could no longer function in the ‘real world’ and I began to withdraw from life.
I was depressed beyond all reason, insanely self destructive and even suicidal. I hated the world and believed it was a terrible place of war, pain and suffering. I was angry at everyone and everything for building this concrete jungle to separate ourselves. I was a victim and I felt completely powerless and afraid.
I didn’t like the standardized education system; I disagreed with much of what I was taught as true. Deep down, I didn’t believe any of it. In fact, I had no idea what I did believed in. All I knew was how much I hated, didn’t like, and didn’t believe in anything I was given. And worst of all, I certainly didn’t believe in myself anymore. Nor did I believe that I was meant for greater things anymore.
The doctors didn’t have the answers, nor a solution. After years of modern medicine and regular visits and checkups, not only had all my diseases actually worsened, but had even multiplied into new diseases as side effects from the medications. They of course, offered more medicine. I was trapped in a cycle with no solution. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. And I realized that it wasn’t working for me.
So, I completely gave up. I stopped taking treatments and medications and of course my symptoms resurfaced and took over. I gave away most my belonging and attachments, because without my health and happiness, I realized it was all meaningless to me. I surrendered to my aching body and began to slowly rot away and die.
I completely withdrew from the outside world, and went on a journey within, to explore my body and mind, and discover my truth. All my waking moments and sleepless nights were spent searching. I cried and begged, and prayed for an answer. I didn’t know what I was praying to, but I knew that there had to be an solution somewhere out there. I would look up at the stars at night and ask the universe, someone, something, to show me the way.  I just wanted to be myself again.  Only happy this time.
One particularly hopeless day, I surrendered to the pain and suffering, and I fainted and fell to the floor, and my mind slipped into darkness. I completely lost consciousness. Only, it was as if I was completely awake for the first time. In that darkness, in the space, I could see a light. And for the first time, everything seemed clear.
I looked into this light, and saw what I believed to be God, or pure energy. But the clearer I could see, the more I realized this light, was actually Myself. I was illuminated as a spirit in a sea of pure energy.  The Light was my heart’s creation, the birth of pure energy.  Best of all, I was perfect; healthy, happy, strong and beautiful.
I stayed present with this vision of myself in complete awe and gratitude. This magical being that I recognized as myself, spoke to me without words, in a beautiful universal language, that revealed to me, that this was my true self. And my purpose, my destiny, was to realize ME. And to live fearlessly as the truth of myself. To inspire others to rediscover themselves. And to bring awareness, consciousness and Truth back to humanity.

We are all expressions of the light. And the light is the creation of The Spirit.  Of pure consciousness.
I responded to the light, and as a declaration to the entire universe… “Yes! I accept the truth! I Believe! I Am!” And I woke up to my decaying body. But this time, I wasn’t afraid anymore. I was forever dedicated to following the truth; the light of my spirit.
In my new awakened state, I only did things that were in alignment with my truth. I gave up the jobs that I was unsatisfied and unfulfilled in, and started manifesting money with little effort, doing things that I loved and truly believed in. I let go of relationships that were not supportive and only focused on those that mirrored my new belief in life. I stopped eating processed foods, and only consumed the energies that came directly from the earth; natural organic fruits and vegetables, and their seeds. No more drugs and medications, I would only take the herbs that grew straight from the light and earth itself.  I fasted for many many days, even months on only herbal water that I foraged myself.  And slowly began to transform…

I continued following the light of consciousness. This consciousness, I knew as Spirit; The Mother of Light.
I spent time in the light, being outdoors and sun gazing whenever possible. I gazed at the stars in the night sky, talking to GrandMother Universe.  The light of consciousness gave me foresight and vision. It would guide me to the next thing my body and mind needed. The Spirit answered all my prayers and questions.  It gave me peace and love, comfort and life. And it illuminated a new path for me to create. And for the first time, I can clearly see who I Am and what I came here to do.
I recognized the fear of the world as The Unawareness of Truth, and started focusing upon the solutions; all the revolutionary movements and groups of awakened people. I joined the green movements, spiritual groups, conscious evolution, the living foods kingdom, and starting associating with like-minded people. More and more, the spirit gave life back to my body and mind.
In a relatively short amount of time, (especially while herb water fasting) my body had completely rejuvenated itself. My cells had transformed with the light energy that now nourished it; my body had no choice but to shift in alignment with the new program. My consciousness transformed. I began to see myself clearly; as a divine creator of light, and I am here to bring Truth back to this world. And I truly believe that the world is ready for TRUTH.
For the first time, I finally realized what I truly believe; I believe in The Natural World; nature and the earth, the plants, animals and people; Grandmother Universe, Father Light, and most importantly, myself. I believe in Truth, Beauty & Freedom.  I know.
It is our purpose and our right to be happy, healthy, strong, beautiful and FREE. I believe this. A healthy body harbors the right environment for awakening.  And an awakened spirit creates a beautiful and free world for ALL. And I believe if everyone were to take responsibility for their own awakening, then a New Earth will be created.  And we will manifest heaven on earth. This is what we came here to do; to make heaven PHYSICAL! To BE the expression of God in the flesh.  The light and the Maker of Light!  The bringers of Truth.
I exist to empower and inspire. I am here to invoke conscious awakening and bring awareness of Truth. Healing, happiness and freedom is within YOU!  Its time to wake up to truth and illuminate knowledge.  In the same way that the Spirit creates Light.

World change happens within! Change our minds, change our bodies, change the world, alter the universe!  Manifest health, joy and freedom!
This is conscious creation. This is awakening. The spirit life is when we embody our highest joy, and our lives are an expression of our highest truth. Then our world will be an expression of The Spirit; Creator of Light.  “Ye are Gods”

And so it is!
The sky is Not the limit; the universe in infinite!


  1. Happy to hear you prefer to affirm Goodness & Grace, Happiness & Healthy, Wealth & Wisedom and Enjoy being In Joy!
    I lived thru some of the same history .. Today I am researching wholesome formulas for my step grandson and ways to share with his parents. I very much appreciate your video on this topic! 😊

    • Hello Jennier!
      The milks will last about 6-8 hours at room temperature. And the hemp and coconut milk, about 2-3 days in the refrigerator Without the seaweed or algae. You can add those in later to maximize freshness. You could store it longer, but these products oxidize after they have been blended, and it probably wont be very nutrient dense after about 2-3 days.
      The banana milk really only stays fresh about 1 day before it turns brown and oxidizes. Its best to make a fresh batch everyday. Or every 6-8 hours.
      Props on choosing healthy alternatives! Best of wishes 🙂 And congrats on your new life!

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