Raw Vegan Infant Milk Recipe Book

This revolutionary recipe book contains dozens of Raw Vegan Milks that are Nutritionally Complete! Perfect for the life of a thriving infant! No formula or cow milk! This book outlines the information about which foods address all our infant’s nutritional needs; proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins & minerals; and exactly how to incorporate this valuable information into your baby’s life. For whatever reason you choose this path; health, environment, cruelty-free, or simply just to incorporate more healthy habits into your life and the life of your children; this book is an absolute MUST HAVE! This is your guide to raising children so healthy that they develop properly, never get sick and are cognitively brilliant and HAPPY! Cheers to health and the next revolutionary generation of superhuman babies!

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  1. Hi there! Thank you so much for this information. I have low milk supply and have been giving my 1 month old son formula. The formula was really bad for him so I switched to goat milk formula. Since watching your video , i believe this is even better! Is it ok to give the milk to my 1 month old baby ? If so, how much do I give him a day. Our pediatrician didn’t want me giving goat milk but I did it anyways and saw a big difference. However, this is natural real food so i really want that for baby. I wouldn’t eat formula so I rather him have the banana milk or the hemp milk

    • Hello! I would love to say that you can give this to a one month old baby! However, I have never tried this. I do believe it is far better then any formula or animal product! And the youngest I tried was 5 months, I know of 3 month old baby who was given the raw plant milks with great success! And if you are able to pull it off at 1 month, then I would LOVE if you would post your success story! 🙂

      I advise to make the milk as NUTRIENT DENSE as possible! Use either the Coconut or Hemp Milk (banana optional thickener) and use the SEAWEED and/or ALGAE! It is important not to overlook these very important supplements! If you use seaweed, then order the non-contaminated kind from the organic suppliers listed in my blogs. Chlorella is very useful as well with building the immune system.

      About 1/4 cup hemp seeds per day, or 3-6 Tablespoons Coconut meat, or 1 whole coconut (meat and water), using dates as the sweetener (which is a very mineral rich food) with… 1-2 teaspoons seaweed or chlorella supplement per day, along with enough water to make it your ideal thickness… maybe 2-6 cups per day. Its hard to tell because babies will grow and their appetite will increase. So be flexible and adjust as they grow. And feed whenever hungry! 🙂 Add fruits and veggies like banana and celery when baby is ready to start eating solids.

      Keep us updated! And feel free to contact with any further questions 🙂

  2. so after watching your youtube video i had a question. you recomened 1TBSP of hemp hearts in your recipe with the banana milk formula. Initially i was wondering why other recipes call for 1/4 -1/2 cup. those recipes didn’t use bananas so i thought maybe to get the milky effect. but now after finding this page on your website it also suggest 1/4 cup hemp hearts. could you clear up the confusion for me and maybe suggest a guideline of how to specialize specifically for my daughter; so i can adjust as she grows based on her needs, or for any future children.

    • Hello! 1/4 cup hemp seeds is the correct measurement. More if the child is younger then 1 year old, and less if they are older then 2 years. The reason you can do less for a 2 year old, is because they are eating fats in solid foods. The video is old, and needs to be updated. But adjust measurements according to the child’s preferences. My 5 year old still prefers fatty milk.

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