Seaweed: The Miracle Food!

Seaweed is one of the most mineral rich foods on earth!
It contains every vitamin and mineral known. It can be used as medicine because it detoxes from EVERYTHING including viruses, cancer and tumors, also radiation and heavy metals!
I have been taking seaweed for years and have completely transformed my body and life! The secret is out!!!
This miraculous information can transform the entire health care industry, revolutionize the food industry and can heal the planet and evolve all of life!
We can change the world and it starts with ourselves!
We must BE the change we wish to see in the world!
Find out how to use this secret ingredient in this video!

Wild Edibles


Today is a lovely spring day. After a cold winter and rain showers, the flowers are in bloom. Spring is a great time for Spring Cleaning!  Many think of cleaning their house, but for me it’s a cleansing of my body and mind.  

I have been doing a juice fast and today I honor the Wild Edibles that are in my front yard. I will be adding this to my regular cucumber juice. Red Buds from a Prickle Pear Cactus are filled with antioxidants and carotenes. Dandelions are very purifying for the liver and bloodstream, also very nutritious.  This will make the perfect addition to my cocktail!  

I believe it’s important to eat the edibles growing in your yard because that is where your energy is!  These plants are attuned to the dominat frequency in its Auric field. Then the herbs grow in alignment with the vibrational needs and give balance to the environment. 

Many people think that these plants are annoying weeds. But they are actually the most powerful, safe and effective medicines known!  This is God’s prescription made by nature. 

I am blessed to be a part of this new earth movement. This earth has given me everything I could ever ask for and more. I honor the gifts that she provides.  Cheers to health and wellness! Here’s to you, Mother Earth!