Raw Vegan Infant Milk Recipe Book

This revolutionary recipe book contains dozens of Raw Vegan Milks that are Nutritionally Complete! Perfect for the life of a thriving infant! No formula or cow milk! This book outlines the information about which foods address all our infant’s nutritional needs; proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins & minerals; and exactly how to incorporate this valuable information into your baby’s life. For whatever reason you choose this path; health, environment, cruelty-free, or simply just to incorporate more healthy habits into your life and the life of your children; this book is an absolute MUST HAVE! This is your guide to raising children so healthy that they develop properly, never get sick and are cognitively brilliant and HAPPY! Cheers to health and the next revolutionary generation of superhuman babies!

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Baby Breakfast

It is the simple pleasures in life that are the best. Just watching the pure enjoyment of my children eating such a delicious, natural & nutritious breakfast, is one of my greatest pleasures. Seeing the looks of pure Happiness.  Watching them grow strong & healthy. They are so smart and emotionally intelligent. I love them so.

We have a healthy & bright future ahead of us.  Filled with all the Love, Happiness & Joy we could ever dream of.  I am blessed to be sharing it with you.  Thank you for all the abundance you have given me, so that I may return it to you.

Simple Breakfast of tangerines, berries & green smoothie, made of bananas, Hemp Seeds & Chlorella.
This breakfast contains ALL the vitamins, minerals, proteins & essential fatty acids.

Health, Wealth & Joy

Love & Light


The Secret


The Secret, is The Law of Attraction, expanded.
The Law of Attraction states that like energy attracts more like energy. The frequency that you emit, will attract more energy resonating on the same frequency.
Think of your mind as a transmission tower. Broadcasting your frequencies out into the universe.
What is a frequency? Your frequency is your thoughts and emotions. Your thoughts are Vibrations, and your emotions are pure Energy. Vibrations being charged with Energy, emit Frequencies. And those frequencies are magnetic forces that are transmitted through space. This magnetic force, attracts other energies, that resonate on the same frequency.
So what does this mean?

“In order to find the secrets of the universe, one must think in terms of Energy, Frequency & Vibration.”
Nikola Tesla

It means that every single situation or circumstance in our life, we attract to us with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
Sending positive thoughts and emotions out into space, attracts good situations, people, & events. Sending negative thoughts and emotions attracts bad circumstances & events. Everything we have ever experienced in life, we attracted to us by virtue of how we chose to think and feel.

It also means, that we can use this power to attract everything that our hearts desire. If we are able to focus on our desires without any conflicting thoughts, and feel positive emotion towards that thought; meaning our hearts must Feel and Believe our happy thoughts, then we will be sending the magnetic frequency out into the universe to attract exactly that which we desire. If the frequency is strong and consistent, then it must magnetically draw to it, its matching frequency, making your desires a reality.

Make sure that your thoughts and emotions are in alignment with each other. Because it is the Feeling, that attracts your desires; not the thought. The thought is just the quantum blueprint; the quantum possibility. It does not have any power without the appropriate feeling to charge the blueprint to life. To make sure that your thoughts and emotions are in alignment with one another, your emotion must be in complete harmony with your thoughts. If you think of wealth, but your emotions are in doubt, debt or poverty, then you can not attract wealth. But if you feel faith and love for wealth, think thoughts of wealth and feel wealthy; you will attract wealth.

We must learn to train ourselves to Think AND Believe positive thoughts and emotions. This is education for the New Age. This is the ultimate discipline; being in control of our thoughts and emotions. Because we can not control others, or the outside world. But through our thoughts and emotions, we have complete, ultimate, and total control of ourselves and thus, our destiny.

“Everything is energy, and that all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you can not help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.”
Albert Einstein

Chlorella and DNA Activation


Chlorella is a micro-algea that grows in fresh spring water. It’s significance was only recently discovered and is still one of nature’s best kept secrets.

Chlorella is considered to be one of the first life forms on this earth. It is a single celled organism that has withstood the test of time without mutating or changing in any way. It is the exact same now, as it was since creation. This has unique implications; especially given that it is nature’s perfect, complete and whole super food.  Earth has always had the answer for us.

Chlorella is a complete protein containing all the essential amino acids. All you protein junkies should instead shift awareness to complete wholefood proteins. With complete proteins the body can carry out it’s functions and repairs without any missing pieces.  And the protein in Chlorella is instantly absorbed and utilized without tons of energy and digestion; like is required for digesting meat.

It is complete in most all vitamins and minerals. It cleanses and purifies our bodies, and also the waters it inhabits. We can purify the world naturally! But this is not the highlight of how incredible this Devine superfood really is. Two major key elements make chlorella a superior choice for the health conscious consumer. The Chlorella Growth Factor and its nucleic acids DNA & RNA.

The Chlorella Growth Factor is it’s ability to multiply itself times four in less then 24 hours. This is the same function it performs on our friendly gut flora or probiotics. Having lush strong gut flora is one of the best kept secrets to a healthy thriving immune system. Take this with your probiotics and it too, becomes 4 times more potent. This will rebuild your gut and keep it firm and functioning strong.  It also lines and protects all major organs including the heart, liver & kidneys; also detoxing and improving organ functioning.

Chlorella contains the highest concentrations of DNA & RNA known. These nucleic acids are seen as medicine for the future by many naturalopathic scientists. The DNA and RNA in Chlorella can assist in our own genetics. It can heal and repair damaged cells, and reverse and eliminate illness. It can correct cellular malfunctions and give superior genetic expressions. Not only that, but aging can also be reversed with high amounts of DNA and RNA. Watch your genetics come alive!

This is consciousness for the future! You can heal your body and activate your own genes. Instead of repairing your cells all the time, when you have become so healthy, your DNA will make your body more strong, youthful and vibrant.  With long term, regular use, DNA & RNA will repair all damage to the body, and can rebuild in the highest form.

Genetics is no excuse for illness. It is simply a blueprint for your genetic makeup; but it is not written in stone. In fact, you can write your own genetic coding and consciously chose how you want to become. You can even change your genetics to a higher expression. This is epigenetics!

Who do you want to be?  What do you want to have?  How do you want to live? Chlorella can provide your body with all the proper physical tools, to create all that your body desires to thrive.

This is provided that other proper conditions are in place…

Your mental coding…     Stay tuned!

Seaweed: The Miracle Food


Seaweed:  The Miracle Food

Seaweeds are the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. They are ancient healers having existed since the beginning of time and have collected everything that has ever existed on this planet Earth. From what was washed down from the tops of the mountains, across the lands, and through the waters to the bottom of the ocean floor; seaweed has seen it all, and has evolved to thrive on everything.

Check out this recipe to incorporate seaweed into your everyday diet!

Seaweeds are a complete food containing all 56 minerals and trace elements your body needs to thrive. Just like the healing and powerful crystals and gemstones of the earth, seaweeds are made of all of these exact same minerals that create the beautiful crystals and gems. Crystals and gemstones are very conscious creations, having extremely direct and intentional frequencies. They have been used for centuries for healing and altering states of consciousness. Seaweeds contain almost every mineral known! All the different minerals that make up every crystal and gem, can be found in seaweed, and thus become a part of ourselves! They are powerful healers and respond to our thoughts and intentions. They can be programmed by our consciousness.

Seaweeds are highly intelligent and conscious beings that know what is good for you and the earth, and what needs to be filtered out. In fact, they do this themselves! They purify the oceans of radiation and pollutants, and they perform this same service for the human body; knowing what needs to be filtered and carried out, and at the same time nourishing us with a complete round of vitamins and minerals.

Seaweeds help remove the bad bacteria from our bodies and our earth, while at the same time, giving a helpful boost to our friendly bacteria which is the key to a healthy and thriving ecosystem within and without. They can help heal virtually any disease, and even reverse the damages done, while simultaneously adding an extra healthy glow!

We can save ourselves and our planet with seaweeds. Mother nature is so perfect that we underestimate just how spectacular and grand of a design the universe really is. We can align with the perfection of it all, and use it to heal and transform both ourselves and the world around us, which alters the alignment of our universe as well. Not just on a physical level; we can rise to higher states of consciousness and create our own realities at will. With the divine consciousness of the universe, as it designed our planet and all its inhabitants, lets create a world where we all thrive!